Free Earth ScreenSaver

Free Earth ScreenSaver

Free Earth Screensaver will bring the blue planet to your desktop

Earth: The Final Frontier.
Our planet is considered to be one of the prettiest planets of our solar system.
Maybe it is due to its atmosphere and oxygen, which gives the planet that look of life.
Free Earth Screensaver will bring the blue planet to your desktop.

This awesome screensaver will take you on a journey to space.
You will be an astronaut, in orbit around the Earth.
You will be able to see images of our planet that maybe you have never seen before.
The images are high quality photographs, accompanied by very soothing spatial music that will make you feel as if you were there, maybe aboard the space shuttle.

The pictures are really breath taking.
You will see sunrises, sunsets, images of the whole planet, as well as from specific geographic areas.

You will be able to see why this is called the blue planet.
The whole world seems full of life and energy.
One of the images I liked most is one where some asteroids are moving in front of the Earth. The effect is very dramatic.

Free Earth 3D Screensaver will surely keep you glued to your screen for hours.
You will see images that will put your mind to work, thinking abut all the great things that we have living here.

Fernando Soni
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